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P1: University of Montenegro – UoM

P2: University of Vienna – UNIVIE
P3: University of Maribor – UM
P4: Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (ERF) University of Zagreb (UNIZG)
P5: Matej Bel university – UMB
P6: University of Donja Gorica – UDG
P7: University of Shkodra „Luigj Gurakuqi“ – UNISHK
P8: Polytechnic University of Tirana – PUT
P9: University of Vlora – UV
P10: Metropolitan University of Tirana – UMT
P11: Ministry of Education of Montenegro – MoE
P12: Ministry of Science of Montenegro – MOSM
P13: Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth of Albania – MESY
P14: Chamber of Economy of Montenegro – CEM
P15: Association for professionals in doctoral education – PRIDE
P16: Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania – UCCIAL

WPs and Actions  Titles
WP1/PRE Monitoring and analysing of national systems and policies of doctoral education in Montenegro and Albania and comparing with EU practices
A1.1 Evaluation of the existing doctoral education
 policy and standards in Montenegro and Albania and comparing with EU practices
A1.2 Organization of a Conference on
doctoral education in Montenegro and Albania
A1.3 Recommendations and purpose of basic legal documents on university and national levels
WP2/DEV Training of Montenegrin and Albanian academic staff and professionals/administration in doctoral education
A2.1 Training of academic and professional staff on EU practices on doctoral education
A2.2 Creating a Guidelines and recommendations for WB academics and professionals in doctoral studies
WP3/DEV Establishing a new model of funding doctoral studies on national levels
A3.1 Evaluation of models for funding doctoral studies in Montenegro and Albania
A3.2 Adoption of bylaws on funding doctoral studies in Montenegro
A3.3 Adoption of bylaws on funding doctoral studies in Albania
WP4/DEV Establishment and start-up of Joint Pilot Doctoral Schools
A4.1 Development of the Curricula for joint Doctoral Schools
A4.2 Equipping the laboratories and other infrastructure at partner universities
A4.3 Accreditation of the Doctoral Schools
A4.4 Enrolling the first generation
A4.5 Programme implementation
WP5/QPLN Quality plan
A5.1 Internal Quality Control
A5.2 External Quality Control
WP6/DISS/EXP Dissemination of the project
A6.1 Creation and updating project web site
A6.2 Creating and distribution of dissemination documents
A6.3 Organizing dissemination conference with stakeholders
A6.4 Organizing MARDS Doctoral Colloquium "Science, Technology and Services for Sustainable development"
WP7/DISS/EXP Exploitation and Sustainability of the project results
A7.1 Regular meetings about MARDS flow with stakeholders
A7.2 Universities - stakeholders networking in Montenegro and Albania
A7.3 Establishment of sustainable scholarships in Albania and Montenegro
A7.4 Promotion of Doctoral School in Region
WP8/MNGT Management of the project
A8.1 Daily management of the project
A8.2 Precise guidelines for management of the project
A8.3 Regular meetings of project bodies
A8.4 Reporting (progress, quality, financial)
A8.5 External financial pre-audit
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